What are we trying to echo?

“People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  

Everywhere we go, we face judgement from others, whether we like it or not. Society becomes more and more judging as we age and step into the real world. Remember when you were a toddler or when you were in kindergarten and you could do whatever you want without fearing judgement? Well as you get older, your mind and your senses begin to either hint to you or scream to you that you are being judged. Once upon a time I was living without a worry in the world. Those days disappeared temporarily during my freshman/ sophomore years of high school. As I walked through school, I wondered what people thought when they looked at me.  What was I being judged upon? Was it my clothes I wore or the way I did my hair?  Was it the way I carried myself? These thoughts nagged me my first two years of high school and I am sure that many others can say the same. Maybe they still go through these troubles, maybe they don’t.

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During your life you will face many challenges and will begin to question yourself nonstop as you on the  road to discovering who you are. Yes, there will be some people who judge you but there will always be others who will only lift you higher. I hope that as you walk down the hallway or down the street, you will walk with confidence because you or unique to the world. And always, never hesitate to shine your light into someone else’s world. A simple greeting may make more of a difference than you think. Share an encouragement with a peer and watch it echo from one person to another.


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