We often become jealous of others for what they have and what we do not. This happens especially when it comes to loving another but not having the same feelings reflected back or when they have an object you desire and have worked so hard to earn. Jealously is a war in your head. Like the common saying for jealousy, you are only counting the blessing of others and comparing it to yours. In the end, when one is fighting for something or someone based on jealously, the results do not turn our very well.

If you are feeling jealous of what others have, just remember that you too have many blessings that you overlook. Just think about your unique personality traits, the shelter, food, and clothing you have. If a relationship does not work out now, there will be a better and fruitful one in the future. Maybe that person you are so in loved with is not the right person for you. Maybe, maybe not, for there is no true love without jealousy.

Since I am beginning to contradict myself, I might as well say, a little jealousy never hurts. It shows that you care about others and it also shows that you are competitive. However, a little more jealously is never good for you and those that you compare yourself too because in the end, someone is going to get hurt. Let us not be jealous of one another. Work hard to better yourself and while you are in the process, play a fair game. We are human and we are flawed. Of course there will be times that we will be jealous of others but remember to stay positive and smile.


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