Revenge is bitter, not sweet

The past two weeks or so I have been reading Othello, an amazing play by no other than the great William Shakespeare. As I’m reading, there are two main emotions that are  thrown at me throughout the play, hatred and jealousy. And all for what? All because one man is desperately in love with a women who’s married to another and the other, who is helping him, is out there to make the lives of others as miserable as possible.

Revenge is not going to get you far in life and you usually wound up hurting more people than you expect. it is always so hard to forgive and forget, especially when you have been hurt by another so badly. It is okay when someone does not share the same feelings that you have for them. If you see that they are happy with someone else, be happy for them. You, yourself will find someone else that you will be happy with.


For me personally, I do not seek revenge on anyone who has hurt me. Instead , I try to show them the love that they deserve in return because everyone deserves love. I always have a hard time expressing my feelings to others but sometimes when I step out of my comfort zone to share with another individual who is hurting, it helps both myself and the other person I am speaking with. Going along with the idea of being there for others, just being there for them can help prevent them from doing something horrible as an act of revenge. You never know how much you can do for another who is in need.

Remember, revenge is never really sweet in the long run. If you are holding a grudge against another, just let it out with a punching bag. Pray for them and for yourself as well. Avoid them whenever but also talk to them if necessary, communication is extremely valuable and it helps avoid any more miscommunications. Let’s all try to be friends here.


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