Let Your Voice Be Heard

Nowadays we tend to worry about the words we choose to say because of how it might affect others, which is a good thing because you are thinking carefully before speaking. You can never take the words that you say back. What is said, is said. However, when it comes to voicing your opinion over a subject matter in school, or something along the same lines, students tend to keep quiet. Speaking as a student myself, sometimes I do not enjoy speaking out loud because I might be thinking of how I should arrange my words in order what for what I say to make a statement or just because I lose my train of thought when I get distracted. Okay, honestly, sometimes I do not like to speak because I fear rejection from the teacher because school and teachers have given their students this idea of always being right.

It is okay to be wrong. We are imperfect human beings, of course we are going to be wrong at times. However, if we do not choose to speak up, then no one is going to correct our mistakes or give us some additional information of an idea that we may have. All I want to say is speak up, and let your voice be heard. Your voice counts and it is just as important in group discussions as it is in voting. Do not ever feel discouraged to share what you think of something because what you have in say is extremely important. It can really make a difference or spin the wheels in the minds of others. Also, if you have no idea what is going on during a discussion, just ask. Someone will always explain, and during the review, more ideas will pop up like daisies.

Stand up and speak up. Let your voice be heard.


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