Lean On Me

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Sometimes we just need somebody to lean on. Usually I am independent and I dislike showing others my vulnerabilities and I am sure that many of you are like that too.  Being independent most likely includes being mentally and physically strong. However, we all have a weak spot mentally and physically as well do we have our breaking points. This is where having an accountability buddy comes in, someone you trust. This person should also be open to listening to your problems and hopefully they give you good advice as well.

Last Friday, on my English test, my teacher asked “How are you going to find your mentors?” and “What qualities does one have to be a local or national leader?” This got me thinking “Do I have accountability buddies and are they mature enough or open enough to understand?” Well for me the answer is yes. Sometimes I cannot tell my parents everything and sometimes I cannot tell my friends everything. If I am really struggling, I might mention that I am stressed and I need someone to pray for me or just to sit down and talk to me. It is not easy for me to just go to someone, no matter how close they are to me, and just become a glass wall. But eventually you will hit a breaking point and during that time you need someone to talk to.

I hope that for each of us, we have someone who is always there for us to turn and talk to when we need to get our worries out of the way. Based on what I have experienced throughout the years, it is always nice to have a de-briefing meeting with a close friend or two and just talk. Opening yourself up to others and sharing your vulnerabilities is fine. If you feel uncomfortable, just take it slow. Do not ever force yourself into doing something you are not prepared for mentally and physically.


One thought on “Lean On Me

  1. I’m glad that you have an “accountability buddy!” Everyone needs someone to be his or her ear, support, and more importantly, a friend. If we keep everything stored inside, it will soon be too much to handle for that person, and he or she, as you said before, will break.

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