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Sometimes I just hate myself. I do not want to but I just do. It always starts with me comparing myself to the others around me. Some questions include: Is my skin smooth enough? Do I have a thigh gap? Why am I so fat? And I know for guys, it is usually “whose muscles are bigger, mine or yours?” It is funny because everyone is so beautiful or handsome in their own way. Yes, we do strive for perfection sometime in our lives and there is no problem with doing so. That is when you are pushing yourself to be better, to look better, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when everyday starts to become a war against yourself and you are no longer comfortable in your own skin. “O horrible, O horrible, most horrible!”


Remember that we were all created to be different and our different talents play in with what we can contribute to the world. There is nothing about yourself that you should be ashamed of because we are human, and as human beings we are all imperfect. Strive perfection if you must, to get you off your feet and get you going. Just do not let it be the commanding factor for the rest of your life. Every now and then we will sit back and criticize ourselves. Remember, there is nothing wrong with doing so because we are digging in deep and reflecting on the past mistakes to better ourselves for the future. Stop saying “I hate myself.” Start saying “I love myself.” Be confident with who you are and what you can do.  Just BeYoutiful.


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