To be or not to be

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To be or not to be, that is the question. I sometimes sit back and wonder, should I do this, or should I do that? Should I cut my hair short or leave it long? Should I continue living my life this way, or should I change it to another way? Should I eat a bowl of salad every day for dinner or should I eat a bowl of pasta? It never hurts to ask yourself questions and explore what other possibilities or opportunities you have out there to grab hold of.

As my EMR teacher always says, you live with the decisions that you make. For example, should I spinal mobilize an individual if I arrive at a car accident scene but see that the driver looks fine and shows no signs or symptoms of an injury? I would say yes, after I continue to evaluate their vital signs and also to protect myself in the future. I do not want to live with a bad decision that I made to find out in the future that this individual does end up with severe spinal damage over time and I end up facing charges from hungry lawyers. You have the power to make decisions when opportunity presents itself at your door. One simple thing, like a turning left or right in a path changes everything in the future.

Do not be afraid when you are the one that has to make a decision in a certain situation. Think hard about it, think carefully about it. After all, the readiness is all.

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