Shipping the Relationship

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It is always a little awkward when you are third wheeling with a couple, no matter how close you are to those two individuals. There is the slightly lonely feeling on Valentines Day when you are at home, in bed, watching Netflix. (Okay, to be honest, that lonely feeling only last a few seconds when you busy yourself with things that you love doing.) There is an urge to throw yourself into a relationship when all of your friends are taken and you are still flying solo, either being independent or scared of the unknown unknowns.

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Do not rush into a relationship when you know that you are not ready for one. I know that your mind or your heart may urge you to be in a relationship when you are the only one who seems to be single in your group of friends. Relationships take a lot of time and commitment, to get to know your significant other better. And most importantly, a relationship strengthens through communication and quality time together. Okay, at this moment, if you are looking at a long distance relationship, it works too.  If you are ready for  a relationship, so be it. I am extremely happy for you because your ship is ready to sail.

Make the first date count. Sometimes we overdo ourselves on the first date, either giving the other person a good impression or a bad impression, depending on their ideas and interests. Find out what mutual interests the two of you have a have a date circled around that interest. It would not be as fun when one of you are uninterested and are just doing because you want to please the other person. Nope, that is not the way to do it. Although opposites attract, do not throw yourself doing something you do not like. Then again, you might end up changing your mind about it. You just never know.

The ship has sailed and the wheel lies in both of your hands. Enjoy the first date.


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