Everything is a remix


Watch this video, watch carefully. Everything is a remix. Everything. Well yes there are originals out there, but everything now is a remix.


Everybody is an original with the potential to become a remix, to create a remix. I don’t find remixes bad at all, music, art, dance, whatever it may be.

It never hurts to do a remix of something, legally of course, if it has a copyright on it. I find remixes beautiful and sometimes even better than the original. Take YouTube for example, all those covers out there made by artists like Sam Tsui, Jason Chen, Joseph Vincent, etc, are amazing remixes. Vine videos are all remixes, one person makes a quick six second video, another one does a similar remix of it. It never hurts to make a remix of something. After all, with remixes, look at all the advances in technology and the fashion trends going around.

It’s always great to be an original, but it never hurts to be a remix either. With that, take an idea, build on it. Make a remix.



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