Questions, questions, questions


Questions. The more questions asked, the more the wheels in my head spin. When you are confused about something, just ask a question. Someone else might have the same questions in their head but they are just too afraid to ask. Take school for example. After the teacher finishes explaining a project or lecturing, they ask the class “So, do you guys have any questions?” The response is usually silence. Sometimes I have no questions to ask at all, but other times I have a few, but I just don’t one to be the one who asks. Usually, when students are confused, they just turn around and ask a neighbor because asking a teacher makes them feel judged. Over the years, teachers may have given off this impression to their students, that students should always be on task and have the right answer when called on. I hold a question in sometimes because I get annoyed when some teachers have this attitude when you ask them to repeat something they said a few minutes ago. I just had a brainfart, okay? I like to know what I am doing and I don’t like looking or sounding dazed and confused.

Questions are always good every now and then, especially when everyone is just lost. But too many questions are sometimes just overwhelming and plain annoying. There’s this Asian in one of classes that just always asks questions, and he always asks the stupidest most obvious questions and it drives me crazy, especially when I know he is doing in it on purpose. So whenever he raises his hand, everyone around me just rolls their eyes and puts their head down. I honestly do not even know how the teacher puts up with him. Questions are good, but not when they are overused.


To me, questions are like crayons. My English teacher gave me this idea in class when he started talking about the beauty of questions and then compared them with crayons. It was beautiful. The simple questions that require a straightforward answer is like an 8 colored crayon box. The answers that can be given in response is limited and straight to the point, like the eight crayons that are available. Next we have the pack of  16, 24, and 28 crayons. Those three packs are like  questions that involve more thinking, outside knowledge, longer and a little more deeper responses. Open ended questions are like the 832 pack of crayons, the answers are endless.

Questions are fun, but too many questions are annoying. When you need to question something, go for it. Do not hesitate to question something you do not understand because you are only keeping yourself from expanding your knowledge. And be original with those questions, or you can be straightforward. The type of question also depends on the situation, but the more the questions are like the 832 pack of crayons, the better and more interesting the responses will be.


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