Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Last night I was so overwhelmed and stressed about everything. I felt like I was going to pull out every hair out of my head. My hands were shaking and I could not focus. I have these days once in a while, where I am just worn out from the day and from the events that build up and bury me underneath. One thing about me is that I do not like to talk to others about my troubles. I am more independent and I do not like showing that I am vulnerable. All the stress from school, unhealthy relationships, and the recent death of a family friend was just too much for me this weekend. Since I tend to keep things in, more and more builds up and then I crash.

I just sat down and started listening to music. Music calms me down like no other. Running relieves stress but it is not like I can run during any time of the day. Music is always there, on the radio, YouTube, on my phone, my iPod. I reminded myself that it was just a day where I really needed to take a break, a nice, long nap to keep myself from breaking any further. I know that I am not the only one with struggles. Everyday I see, hear, and read of struggles by others. We all struggle at some point in our lives but the most important thing we could do is that we should learn to free ourselves from our struggles. Let the music take over and take you away. Go on a hike, read a book, paint or draw, dance. Do something that makes you happy. Relieve your aching mind, your hurting heart, your worn out body.


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