The Art of Gifting


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The art of gifting is a pleasure to everyone. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, boyfriends and girlfriends will be rushing around town looking for the perfect gift for their significant other. Some people plan ahead for days, weeks, even months. Others just wait until the last minute because that is what some of us struggle with, right? Procrastination at its finest. Don’t be that guy at See’s Candies or at the Flower Shop at 9am in the morning because you forgot it was Valentine’s Day.

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Gifts come in many different forms. It is usually a physical object or action to show love, like a teddy bear, a hug, a kiss, or a gift that that the other individual likes.  But sometimes it does not have to be a box full of chocolate and a bouquet of roses, unless that is what your significant other is very fond of and is expecting. Of course, gifts can come in another very special form, time. Time is precious, time is money. For me, I believe the greatest gifts of all are love and time, which go hand in hand.

When you love someone, or just really care about them, you spend a lot of time with them. You make time out of your busy day for them. Even if the two of you were miles apart, you would spend hours talking to each over the phone, Facetime, Skype, etc. Each gift has a different value and meaning of its own, according to the giver and receiver.

I find it annoying when someone people only care about the amount of gifts they get. Yes, society does make you think that the amount of gifts you receive means how special you are to others, but that is not true. Some people do not have the money to gift or buy something for their family member, friend, or love one so instead of gifting a physical object, they gift their time and love.

If you love or care about someone, the time you spend with them is very precious. Sometimes I find myself complaining that time is never enough, and I know that I am not the only one either. The time I take out each day for another individual is my everyday gift to them. Yes, I can make them cards, buy them little gifts that I know they would love, but time is my greatest gift  that goes hand in hand with my love for them. Remember, time is always a beautiful gift.

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