Life Like A Race

wordpress a race of life

Today I was able to sit down with a group of people who both inspire me, and tire me. We sat down after a long morning to talk about our lives, mainly the lowlights and the highlights of our week and then focused on a theme, an application for the week.

We do this about once a month, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday. It helps me a lot. I can let off some steam when I need to, sarcastically. I do not like to give people the full details of a miserable week I had, but they do hear more than others. During this time, I am with a group of friends, a group of brothers and sisters who are there for me with listening ears and opened hearts to what I have to say.

What I gathered together today was another life lesson. You see, life is like a race. The finish line consists of the goals we have in our lives. When you are racing other individuals, you do not want to look back to see how close they are to catching up to you. A quick glance over your shoulder may slow your pace. When you are racing, every second counts, every millisecond counts. Remember in 2008 or two summer Olympics ago when Micheal Phelps beat one of his opponents, Cavic, by a millisecond? Yeah? That is exactly what I am talking about.  Do not look back. Looking back over your should to check where your opponents are is like looking back at your past and then worrying about whether or not you are good enough to keep on going or if you are able to achieve that goal. Looking back makes you slower, looking back makes it longer for you to accomplish your goals. If Michael Phelps turned and looked back, he probably would have not won by that millisecond. Keep your eyes straight ahead as you run towards the finish line, towards accomplishing your goals. Finish hard, finish strong.

wordpress a race of life C

Keep on running toward your dreams. Run, run, run. Run like Forrest Gump if you have to. Run, Forrest, run! And when you do, you will feel freedom like you have never felt before. Break off those chains around your legs. Do not let the past hold you back from meeting your true potential.

wordpress a race of life a


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