Too Tired to Function Properly

wordpress tired

Let me catch up on a few zzzzzzzz’s.

wordpress tired b

That’s all I’ve been needing lately, all I’ve been wanting lately. This year has so far been the busiest year. And thanks to Daylight Savings, we sprung an hour ahead today, which means one less hour of sleep.

Sometimes I feel like I am invincible, just because I can function normally after a few hours of sleep. If I absolutely positively have to, then I would do a few all nighters but that is no fun for me. I like sleep, I love sleep. My bed and I have this relationship where whenever I get out of bed, it whispers “Baby come back.”  Well, that only happens every school morning, to be honest. (Senioritis…) However, there comes a point in time where I need to be refueled, re-energized by a good 8-10 hours of sleep. Robots need to be recharged eventually. That is what weekends are for , sleep.  This year, with the combination of family, church, school, and EMT, there is hardly any time to sleep. I cannot wait for spring break or another three day weekend.

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Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep (yeah, let’s start singing Counting Stars by One Republic together) and tired has become a part of my personality, a word I have chosen to label myself quietly. However, no matter how tired I may be, I  just move on. On average, I get a good 2-5 hours of sleep every night. This is extremely unhealthy, especially when the recommended hours of sleep for a young adult, adult are about 8-10 hours of sleep. As a result of the small amount of sleep I get, I observed significant changes in my emotional behavior and physical appearance. I find myself more annoyed and angry at some individuals who would just talk on and on and on or who have extremely annoying habits, like dragging their feet or coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths. It is hard to stay awake in my classes when my eyes are barely open and I want to do is put my head down and sleep. ( Tip: Make sure you have a water bottle and a snack next to you. Chew gum.  Sitting up straight will also keep you awake and help you maintain a good and healthy posture.)  Also, I have small breakouts. (They call it beauty sleep for a reason.)

I know a lot of individuals who love staying up late because they think it is cool to do so, the middle-schoolers in particular or the young adults who are hanging out and partying all the time. The night life is always fun, always a blast; however, living the night life every single night with less than the recommended hours of sleep will drain you like a thirsty vampire. Do not tire yourself out with distractions.  If you know you get distracted easily, get rid of those distractions. Keep your phone on silent, put it away. Do not let the distractions keep you away from your beauty, energizing sleep. Work hard to finish early and get the sleep you need. Sleep like a baby. 🙂

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