Chasing The Sun

wordpress chasing dreams

For some odd reason, Chasing the Sun by the Wanted would not stop playing in my head. Maybe it’s the beautiful sunny day out, I don’t know what it is for sure.

For me, when I think of chasing the sun, I think of chasing hopes and dreams. Well, the UC’s started emailing back their acceptances and their rejections and right now I am waiting to see whether or not my dreams will be crushed or if they will come true. So far, I am happy with all my acceptances. They show me that what I have worked so hard for has not gone to waste and that there is a college or university in Sunny SoCal that wants me! Honestly, I am not going to cry or feel depressed about any rejections. It just means that I was not meant to be there. And… I can only go to one university anyways.

 wordpress chasing dreams a

Every day I tell myself to smile and stay positive. Wake up smiling, get through the day smiling, and go to sleep smiling.

A smile brings confidence, that’s why. 

Do not give up on your dreams, especially when you have put so much into making that dream come true. Sometimes I feel like I am just so close, yet so far. Sometimes I feel extremely discouraged because I am not where I want myself to be. But that is just the negative little devil sitting on my shoulder, whispering bad thoughts and discouragements to me. Not everything in life comes to you easily. Keep chasing after the sun, keep chasing after your dreams. If you quit, you would never know how close you really were to the finish line.

wordpress chasing dreams c

Do not let feelings of discouragement hold you back from your dreams. Set a goal for yourself and stick with it. Don’t be that man who mined with all his might, who was just another inch away from some valuable diamonds, and who decided that he had enough and gave up. Be confident in yourself, believe, and keep on going.


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