Let It Go

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Let it go, let it go… Sometimes so much anger builds up in me over time because I tend to hold everything in. Some days I just want to explode. I have these days, let’s say, about seven times a year. Not bad, 7/365. I know that when we are mad, we sometimes tend to lash out to unsuspecting individuals. We take it out on the people who are closest to us at the moment because we can no longer keep it to ourselves, and they are just there. It is just that they are there at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Oops, the monster has been unleashed.

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I think the best ways to prevent hurting someone nearby, or someone you love, are by working out, typing out your feelings, showering, or sleeping. Do what you love to do to prevent yourself from sinking deeper and deeper into anger and to prevent yourself from hurting someone you love. When I become angry at an individual, instead of yelling at them or messaging them a mean message, I just type out a long blog post or message, and once I have let out every ounce of frustration or even hatred into that message, I delete it. By the time I am done purging out my feelings, I am back to being a normal happy Rebecca. The message was never sent, and no one was hurt emotionally in the process.

If I go even further to think about hurting them physically, as in a high five to an individual’s face, I save the punches for the punching bag at home. No one is to be hurt physically, and I get a great workout. I believe that such methods are the best ways to build self-control and self-discipline.

The next time you may be struggling in a relationship with another or having trouble maintaining your cool around an individual, just breathe and save the fun for later. Explore different methods of calming yourself down, methods that exclude hurting anyone physically, mentally, or emotionally. Rant if you must, and it is better to do it via a blog post or email that will be left unposted or unsent. You can do it via a text message; however, I feel like it would be easier to accidentally press the send button. Sit down, relax, breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. There are plenty of breathing videos on YouTube that are extremely helpful when it comes to anger management or stress management. Take a shower or sleep. The funny thing about showering and sleeping is that while I am showering and while I lay in bed trying to sleep, my thinking becomes deeper than ever. I start pondering about my existence and my purpose, unintentionally becoming a philosopher in the moment. But I do believe that after a nap or shower, the frustration would die down or become nonexistent because it was slept or washed away.

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We all have our bad days but don’t let one bad day ruin everything. Stay positive and learn to control your emotions.


One thought on “Let It Go

  1. Thank you for sharing! I think so often people either explode with their emotions or ignore them instead of dealing with them in a healthy way. So glad I found your blog – I’m excited to read more : )

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