Let’s Talk 200 Pounds Beauty

wordpress 200 lb beauty

So my friends and I had our girls night last night since a few of us were on break and the others were able to make it from work and college. I would call yesterday a Thankful Thursday, and I think I am going to make every Thursday a thankful Thursday, just to remind me of the people and things I sometimes take for granted in life.

After dinner and desert, we grouped up together to watch a movie on Netflix. Our final choices included Jack Reacher, Mean Girls, The Hunger Games, and 200 Pounds Beauty. We ended up settling with 200 Pounds Beauty. Now let me be honest, I am not into Korean movies or Korean dramas and watching a movie with only subtitles is not going to be super fun. However, I was wrong.


wordpress 200 lb beauty 1


I am not going to spoil the movie for you guys but basically it is about an ugly fat girl who loves to sing. She also has a side job where she is this guy’s call girl. Anyways, her name is Hanna Kang. She has an amazing voice but when she performs, no one really sees her because of her ugly appearance. She is only a ghost singer for Ammy. So Hanna has this little crush on the music company director… (Dude I don’t even remember his name.) He invites Hanna to his birthday dinner, where she is humiliated by Ammy  who shows up in the same dress. To make things worse, while crying her poor eyes out in a bathroom stall, she overhears Ammy and the music company director guy talking about her and finds out that they are only using her. Saddened, Hanna turns to suicide to escape her crumbling world. She is interrupted by a phone call and next thing you know, Hanna decides to get a full body cosmetic surgery. She disappears for a year because of the surgery. When the surgery is done, she is just beautiful, naturally beautiful. Hanna comes back as Jenny and starts her musical career.

Okay I’ll stop there. I do not want to spoil the movie for you, but it is definitely a movie that I recommend you watching. It’s hilarious, but you have to read the subtitles if you don’t understand Korean.

wordpress 200 lb beauty 3

Aside from that, this movie depicts the great lengths that most of us may go to impress another. Sometimes we feel such self-hatred towards ourselves and we lack self-esteem because we think that we are not perfect enough. Perfection does not exist, really. Everyone has a small flaw somewhere and that makes us human. Love yourself for who you are.



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