One With Nature

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On April 22, 2014, last Tuesday to be exact, the world celebrated Earth Day. Not every individual participated, since there are millions of people around the world who probably don’t know anything about Earth Day at all. For our senior project, my friend Jason and I wanted to do something special for Earth Day. We decided to take used light bulbs and grow plants in them. This went along with idea farming, the theme of our senior projects. Although we didn’t get far with our Earth Day project since no one really had used bulbs lying around, we were still able to remind our peers about Earth Day and watch some of our friends go hippie for a day.

Despite the fact that we were not able to collect any lightbulbs, Jason and I are still determined to find one and create the product we had in our minds, one specially made for our English teacher, one of the master minds behind this whole Idea Farming project.

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On Earth Day, my teacher decided that instead of spending a normal class day inside, we were going to take a field trip around the school. One of the ideas that Jason and I had was that on the week of Earth Day, during SSR time, or the 15 minutes before 3rd period starts, we would turn off all the lights across campus and just step outside for those 15 minutes. Since our school has over 3,500 students, we decided that each building would take turns spending the day outside, to eliminate or decrease any potential chaos. Students get wild when they don’t have to be in class. Anyways, back to the little field trip we took around the school. We learned about the history of our school, besides the fact that my school was built over a slaughterhouse, I just learned that day that the slaughterhouse was built over an Indian burial site. No wonder the school is haunted! We also learned about the two secret doors that the school has and a beautiful tree, I forgot what it is called, but is living more than 40 years of its life on campus. After about 30 minutes of walking around, we were able to sit down in the grassy field behind the softball field and just become one with nature. It was a very fun and stress relieving experience for me.

Although the project that Jason and I planned was not successful on the first try, we are still motivated to keep on going until we are able to produce our ideal product. The beautiful thing about this project though, was that we were able to remind others of the beauty of this earth and what we should do to take care of the beautiful gift that mother nature has given us all. Earth Day shouldn’t really just be one day, it should be everyday.


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